Investing with science


Applied science is an investment. We work with businesses and applied researchers to help them make good quality longer-term investments in technologies with high payoffs.

Through Nufuels we have been working on using small-scale decentralised pyrolysis to both help manage the wastes and use the fuels.  In New Zealand we are processing tyres and otherwise difficult-to-dispose-of plastics, and in the Pacific Islands polyethylene and PET bottles into fuels for cooking, drying and even fuel for gensets.

Nufuels' parent Blended Fuel Solutions NZ helps make decentralised fuels fit for purpose, primarily by blending with other fuels.

We also work with research organisations assisting them to gain funding and in some cases assisting with their execution.  Our focus is primarily on physics and engineering based research.  A recent example is research into the impact of space weather on energy infrastructure. 

Previously we had over a decade long involvement in helping to build the New Zealand's superconductivity industry, working with the NZ HTS Industry Association. Our technology roadmaps underpinned the establishment of HTS-110 and the strategy of developing a NZ industry supplying components to HTS power systems OEMs.